Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Feeling Lost in the Moment

Many times we find ourselves overwhelmed by the moment and feel as if we have trouble moving forward. Do not despair, traveler! Remember right now you are a  riding on a small rock that is soaring through infinite space and time. There is no such thing as lost. Find peace in the chaos, strength in your surrender,  comfort in the unknown.

The body has figured out the path, all you have to do is listen. Be aware of the moment, embrace the challenge of letting go of society’s problems of the future, resentments of the past and simply focus on your space, hurling through the darkness on that tiny rock, and know your essence encompasses even more.

You can do anything you want here.

Nothing can stop you. Manifest moments of absurdity, laugh at the quandaries, champion on!

In this moment, you are alive. RELISH THE JOURNEY!

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