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Twelve Dimensions of Being

Church of The Fringe provides tools to its member as a roadmap to search for Enlightenment. We offer the Twelve Dimensions of Being as tenets for that journey. However, our members can bring in their own beliefs systems into the fold. This is merely a system the Church has found successes based on past experiences. Many members have followed these tenets and have gone on a multi-dimensional journey.

The Somatic Dimensions – These dimensions represent your Being in its natural state. This is what you perceive as living and breathing. This is where you rely on logical, rational thoughts to make sense of your existence.

Ansalex – Earth
Galition – Human
Ariterg – Physical
Osition – Conscious

The Ethereal Dimensions – These dimensions represent your Being in its celestial state. This is what happens when you realize there is more than your natural state. Soon you will be able to transport your being without much thought or effort.

Posion – Cosmos
Adequil – Superhuman
Hement – Metaphysical
Tablaste – Subconscious

The Eternal Dimensions – These dimensions represent a destination for your Being. The choices you make in both your somatic and celestial being determines where your being will rest.

Lazap – Divinity
Currena – Abyss
Inkinna – Vertex
Digisol – Rebirth

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