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Top 5 Myths Debunked


5. Does Alcohol Really Kill Brain Cells?

Nope! In fact, the only time a person can lose brain cells with alcohol is from withdrawing from it.

4. Humans Only Have Five Senses

Actually humans have far more senses than just five. We can sense our own thirst, balance, and temperature as well!

3. Carrots Give Super Vision

False! Carrots do not actually provide super vision. They can only help people who already have a deficiency in Vitamin A.

2. Did Einstein Really Flunk Math?

Heck no! Albert Einstein was actually very good at math. As a young teen he was already an ace in calculus.

1. Bats Are Blind

Actually all Bats have eyes and can see! More than half of them use echolocation to maneuver to the best of their abilities, but they can all definitely see with their eyes as well.

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